Send In The Girls

Harley Quinn’s fantabulous emancipation has begun. Searching for new purpose and embroiled in a plot to assassinate a young girl - she and her Birds Of Prey must take flight!

Article Published on 20.01.2020

Words Chris Wasey

Harley and Mr J have broken up.

Drifting through Gotham’s dark underbelly, Harley leaves anarchy in her wake. Beautiful, broken, volatile - the former psychiatrist, finally free from The Joker’s poisonous influence, is in search of a new calling: to do the right thing?! But after so many years as his acolyte, can she even imagine what that is anymore?

When narcissistic crime lord Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor) puts a hit out on a young girl, Cassandra Cain, Harley joins forces with the Birds Of Prey to save her. In keeping with Harley’s superpower of “dysfunctional craziness”, her new allies are just as colourful. Black Canary is a martial arts expert, brutal in close quarters combat, and The Huntress is a vigilante who - fuelled by the memory of her family’s slaughter - ruthlessly dispatches anyone who gets in her way.

As Gotham is turned upside down, the girls slowly discover the secret behind Sionis’ obsession with Cassandra and must uncover new powers within themselves if they are to have any chance of victory. Female badassery is front and centre, both in front of and behind the camera. Expect all the action, laughs, and unpredictable brutality Gotham needs.

It's Good To Be Bad

After the critical and commercial success of Joker, we consider which villains deserve their own standalone film:

Ra's al Ghul

A fantastic antagonist in Batman Begins, but only showing a glimpse of the character. How did he join the League Of Shadows? What scheming saw him become their leader? What other cities has he destroyed for “the greater good”?

Lex Luthor

Like Batman, he maintains a charming public persona to hide his darker nature. Smallville touched on the troubled relationship with his father, but what is it that fuelled his hatred of Kryptonians?


"Born in darkness" doesn’t quite cover it as an origin story. What horrors did child-Bane experience growing up? What gym did he go to? How did he get that mask?!

Birds Of Prey

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