Bloodshot New Trailer

Sony spills a bloody new trailer for their upcoming superhero flick Bloodshot

Article Published on 14.01.2020

Bringing confirmation of the brand-new release date and a better look at the nanotechnology running through our hero’s veins, the action-packed trailer sees the superhero genre get one hell of an upgrade. Vin Diesel’s reborn marine Ray Garrison is given new life. Stronger, faster, and with the ability to heal his entire body, Vin Diesel’s reborn marine Ray Garrison is given new life as Bloodshot, but in doing so has become a tool of the RST Corporation. As well as showing off some of the film’s superb special effects and Bloodshot’s incredible abilities, the new trailer also introduces several other super soldiers the RST Corporation has created. And it’s this technologically-advanced army that they have assembled that Ray will have to face up to and fight when he discovers the truth about his situation and sets out to get revenge. Sony have shuffled the release so Bloodshot has now found a more fitting home on Friday the thirteenth in March.


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