Jumanji: The Next Level Official Poster And Final Trailer

Say goodbye to the jungle and hello to an all-new game in the final trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level

Article Published on 31.10.2019

While it doesn’t dive deeper into the plot than the first trailer did, the new and final trailer for The Next Level shows off more of the changes Jumanji has had since the events of Welcome To The Jungle as the players come up against all-new threats and settings. Despite Spencer’s attempts to repair the broken game, Jumanji is suffering severe glitches that result in the players not only being unable to choose their avatars but also spawning them in different, even more dangerous locations, from snowy mountaintops to arid deserts. It’s a brilliant shake up on the film’s dynamic as the characters find themselves in different bodies and we’re going to have a lot of fun watching them learn the new traits. While geeky Martha gets to return to her role as Ruby Roundhouse, played by Karen Gillan, Fridge suffers a severe setback as he finds himself in the role of Jack Black’s Shelly Oberon. Spencer is still missing in the new trailer, but we do discover what has happened to “mean girl” Bethany who, this time, is trapped in the body of a horse. Dr Smolder Bravestone and Franklin Finbar are this time played by Danny DeVito’s Eddie and Danny Glover’s Milo, two senior citizens who unwittingly find themselves playing the game, which brings a refreshing twist to the Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart double-act as the bickering best buds become grumpy old men.

Jumanji: The Next Level

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