Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer

An all-action trailer for the Jumanji sequel welcomes you back to the jungle, where everything has changed.

Article Published on 02.07.2019

Having survived the game first time around, Jumanji: The Next Level catches up with our four teenage heroes sometime after the events of Jumanji. Spencer has gone missing inside the now-malfunctioning video game, and it’s up to his three friends to go in after him. But when they enter, everything they thought they knew about Jumanji has changed. Bethany’s nowhere to be seen, and while Martha has returned to the role of Karen Gillan’s kickass Ruby Roundhouse, Fridge is now playing as Professor Shelly Oberon hilariously played by Jack Black. But, worst of all, they’ve been joined by two new players. Danny DeVito and Danny Glover join the cast as Spencer’s grandfather and his friend, and unwittingly enter the game with DeVito as Dwayne Johnson’s smouldering avatar and Glover as Kevin Hart. Now, not only must our young heroes find Spencer, save Bethany, and survive the game, this time, they’re going to have to do with two old men who struggle to comprehend this new age technology. The all-new adventure looks set to take action to the next level as our heroes are launched out of the jungle and into incredible, deadly new locations from desert landscapes to snowy mountain tops, and pits them up against even more dangerous animals.

Jumanji: The Next Level

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