Sonic Poster And Trailer

Sonic speeds in with a fresh look

Article Published on 12.11.2019

The initial trailer that was released back in April was met with such derision and anger that Paramount and the film's director Jeff Fowler went back to the drawing board to give fans the Sonic adaptation they demanded. Gone are the human teeth and lifelike aesthetic that made the anthropomorphic hedgehog a laughing stock, Sonic now sports a new, much more cartoonish look with bigger eyes, a larger head, and his trademark white gloves that's much more befitting Sega's iconic blue speedster. But looks aren't the only real difference as the new trailer suggests the cartoon-like redesign was more than skin deep as the thrilling trailer comes packed with fast and furious fun. In terms of narrative, things remain the same as we Sonic speeding to Earth to save his home planet, meeting a human companion, and going on the run from Jim Carrey's maniacal Dr Robotnik.

Sonic The Hedgehog