Superintelligence Trailer

It’s Melissa McCarthy vs James Corden in the trailer for action-comedy Superintelligence

Article Published on 10.11.2020

After bursting onto the scene in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy has shot to comedy superstardom and since collaborated on quite a few comedies with director and husband Ben Falcone. Now, the creative (and married) duo are teaming up onscreen again to follow Tammy, The Boss, and Life Of The Party with their fourth film together. This time, McCarthy stars as Carol Peters, a very ordinary woman who lives a very ordinary life. But as it turns out, on this occasion saving the world needs someone EXTRA ordinary. Rather than the spy movie the title suggests, Superintelligence has actually got more of a science-fiction flavour with a premise that's like a bonkers episode of Black Mirror set in a world where an artificial intelligence has gained sentience and now seeks to wipe out all of humanity. James Corden co-stars as the A.I. but the trailer is quick to establish that the bad bot Carol has befriended isn’t actually him, it has merely chosen his voice in order to contact Corden superfan Carol and task her with proving humanity’s worth otherwise the whole planet will be blown up. The trailer contains plenty of pratfalls, silliness, and social awkwardness to assure a good time for fans of Melissa McCarthy’s characteristic cringe comedy. Superintelligence is set to arrive in UK cinemas this December, as long as the current lockdown measures are eased and cinemas are allowed to open.


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