The Addams Family Trailer

The suburbs goes goth as The Addams Family take over the town in the full trailer for their animated reboot

Article Published on 08.08.2019

The first look teaser introduced us to the new look Addams Family as they moved into their terrifying dream home, indulged in some light torture, and blew things up. Now, Universal has unveiled the full-length trailer that brings even more spooky shenanigans but also a closer look at the film’s story. It appears Wednesday Addams will take centre stage of the movie as she starts ordinary high school and forms an odd-couple friendship with the seemingly prim and proper Parker. But as it turns out, Parker is a rebellious teen, and with Wednesday’s help, she can finally shock her mum. Allison Janney joins the all-star voice cast as Parker’s mother Marquax Needler, a reality TV makeover host who isn't at all happy about the Addams' influence on her daughter. And the same can be said for Morticia as Parker’s “normality” begins to rub off on Wednesday and brings colour into her sullen and disaffected demeanour. As the family struggle to fit into their new picture-perfect town, Margaux turns the whole town against them.

The Addams Family

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