The Rhythm Section Trailer

Jude Law teaches Blake Lively how to be a killer in the fast and furious final trailer for The Rhythm Section

Article Published on 22.01.2020

Offering a snappy rundown of the revenge thriller’s plot and some new footage of the action sequences, the new trailer also gives us a better idea of what a Rhythm Section is. Side-lined by Blake Lively’s badassery in previous trailers, Jude Law gets a more prominent role this time around as he shows her how to shoot a man. “Think of your heart as the drums, your breathing as the bass” is the ethos of his training, a practice to stay calm under pressure and maintain focus while shooting. After showing her the ropes, Stephanie is fully-equipped to get revenge against those responsible for her family’s death. In a recent interview Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said a female James Bond would never happen and instead wanted to focus on creating new, original roles for women. With some serious action skills, rich source material to draw from, and Broccoli on board as producer, The Rhythm Section’s Stephanie Patrick may well be the closest we’ll ever get to a “Jane Bond”.

The Rhythm Section

Think of your heart as the drums, your breathing as the bass.CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE