Tom & Jerry The Movie Trailer

The classic cartoon collides with the real world in the trailer for Tom & Jerry The Movie

Article Published on 17.11.2020

Tom & Jerry have entertained audiences on the small screen for around eighty years, now their brand-new movie is bringing the iconic cartoon duo to the big screen like never before. While this isn’t their first feature film, it is the very first time we’ve seen their cartoon world mix with our real one. The trailer for their “live-action” adventure catches up with the world’s most famous enemies as they surprisingly put their differences aside for a fresh start in the big city. But it isn’t long before they’re classic cat and mouse game starts all over again when Jerry moves into a fancy New York hotel and the desperate staff hire Tom to catch him. Much like Mary Poppins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, and many others before it, the eye-popping animation/live-action crossover is far from seamless but does ensure that we’re treated to the silliness the squabbling duo are famed for. We see them get up to all sorts of antics as they cause chaos for the hotel staff. Speaking of which, a fine cast of actors appear alongside the cartoon duo including Chloe Grace Moretz, Rob Delaney, Michael Pena, and Ken Jeong.

Tom & Jerry The Movie